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Jalan Air Manis No 151, Bukit Gado Gado, Kel. Koto Kaciak, Padang Selatan, West Sumatra
(many taxi drivers know Puncak Air Manis Residence as “Villa Puncak”)
There is only one road to “Pantai Air Manis” or Air Manis beach.
PAM is on the left as you crest the big hill. If you start to descend you have passed the gate.

Puncak Air Manis Residence encompasses 3 acres of landscaped gardens surrounded by lush tropical rain forest. The mountain-top overlooks Air Manis beach, picturesque islands, and swell wrapping in from the Indian Ocean.

POOL & SUN TERRACE (click for more images)



Puncak Air Manis Residence meals are prepared by Bu Iis. You can choose authentic Padang or Western dishes. Breakfast is included and a personalized menu is available. All meals can be delivered to your bungalow. The local fishermen supply us with a range of seafood direct from the boats and we buy mountain fresh vegetables grown in rich volcanic soil. We keep your tropical fruit basket filled.

1 - Cook
2 - House Cleaning & Laundry
2 - Gardeners
Security staff


  • Local stone used for walls, low maintenance low VOC finishes throughout.
  • Mains power from Hydro source
  • Elevation 220m, several degrees cooler than sea level (similar temperatures to Bali dry season year round)
  • Natural ventilation fully insect screened.
  • Very high open plan nautilus roof with wide overhangs and top vent.
  • Abundant natural light to all rooms.
  • No near neighbours so glass walls do not need curtains.
  • Shelter trees block low sun and keep the buildings cool.
  • Water autonomy. Rainwater is collected in underfloor tanks.
  • Gravity fed Eco Max waste water purification system.
  • Energy efficient lighting.
  • 3 acres of garden and rain forest trees offset carbon released on site.
  • LPG cooking
  • 15 KVA standby generator

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